Regenerative Stem Cells Treatment for Knee Arthritis Pain

Our knees undergo a lot of abuse on a daily use. We are constantly standing and walking on them. In some cases, we run on them or stress them during sports activities or exercise. When healthy, they are vital to our ability to move around and be active in life. Eventually the knees can wear out, and stiffness and pain set in. Movement becomes difficult. A diagnosis of arthritis or degeneration is given, medications are prescribed, and the worsening pain often leads one to accept a recommendation of knee replacement.
What is happening is the cartilage in the knee is degenerating and cannot repair itself faster than the damage occurs. Normally this cartilage allows adequate cushioning between bones for the knee joint to freely and smoothly move. As the damaged cartilage worsens, we start to notice the effects of this wearing out: swelling, inflammation, tenderness, stiffness and lots of pain. Although this process can take time, these are signs of arthritic degeneration. Sadly, many people ignore the signs and resign themselves to suffer needlessly.
Fortunately, something can now be done about it. Science has developed the modern technology of stem cell treatment to help our office regenerate and repair degenerated, arthritic and damaged joints naturally, without drugs, steroids or knee replacement surgery. Our goal is to help patents return to an active, pain-free and enjoyable life.