Regenerative Stem Cells Treatment for Shoulder Pain from Arthritis.

Arthritic degeneration of the joints in the shoulder is due to wearing down of the cartilage tissues which normally allows the bones involved to move freely. When the degenerated cartilage doesn’t allow this free movement, the affected joint or joints become swollen, tender, inflamed, stiff, and painful, leading to a diagnosis of arthritis. X-rays would reveal bone spurs which show how the shoulder is progressively worsening as if cement is being poured in.
Our regenerative treatments uses modern medical technology to repair and rebuild the damaged cartilage, allowing joint regeneration, restoration of movement, freedom from pain and return of function.

Trigger Point Injections.

We now offer safe and effective injections for stubborn trigger points. A trigger point is a focused area of inflammation and sensitivity that can occur in muscles. They are very tender when pressed and can cause considerable pain and stiffness, and even can cause pain in an area of the body that is at a distance from the trigger point. They can become severe enough to cause the sufferer to be unable to work or engage in normal activities.
A trigger point can come on due to overuse or strain of a muscle, and without this treatment, it can linger for months, years or perhaps a lifetime, getting progressively worse, more painful and disabling.
At Atlas Natural Medicine, we want to help those who suffer without resorting to dangerous drugs. We offer a drug-free injection containing a naturally-derived healing agent that can help safely release the inflammation and pain at the affected site, allowing a return to normal activity. The injection is typically quick and painless and most patients report no discomfort during or after the procedure.