Auto Injury

Reach out to Dr. Sean Seivert of Atlas Natural Medicine if you’re looking for an auto injury chiropractor in Taylor, TX.

What Injuries Could You Sustain from an Auto Accident?

Being involved in a car accident is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone can have. The physical toll of the accident alone can already be overwhelming.

In the aftermath of your auto accident, you may find yourself saddled with various injuries.

Whiplash is one of the more serious conditions you may experience due to that incident. A whiplash injury is characterized by pain along the cervical spine and shoulders. Individuals suffering from whiplash may also experience muscle weakness in the upper body and a constant barrage of headaches.

Car accident victims may also sustain herniated discs. The sudden impact from the car accident may force a spinal disc out of position. With the spinal disc out of place, it may exert pressure on nearby nerves and cause significant discomfort that way. Aside from causing pain, herniated discs are also troublesome because they can weaken the muscles and reduce your range of motion.

Joint pain is another issue that auto accident victims often have to deal with. Your body may end up contorting in various positions due to the impact of the crash. All that external pressure can adversely impact your joints and cause pain. Even weeks after the accident, you may struggle to put weight on your joints because of the damage done by the accident.

The injuries caused by car accidents must be addressed immediately. Going to a chiropractor is a good idea if you need help treating those injuries.

Work with Dr. Seivert of Atlas Natural Medicine if you’re seeking the services of an auto injury chiropractor in Taylor, TX.

How an Auto Injury Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractors are uniquely capable of handling the injuries often associated with car accidents.

As we mentioned earlier, car accident injuries cause muscle weakness and reduced range of motion. You’ll be glad that chiropractors are adept at addressing those exact problems. They can administer cervical spine and extremity adjustments to restore your strength and flexibility. Those adjustments will also significantly reduce your pain.

Your chiropractor may also utilize different tools to speed up your recovery. For example, they may use a special dry hydrotherapy device to improve blood circulation. Improving your blood circulation will reduce pain and get your body into gear. You can expect to experience relief faster thanks to dry hydrotherapy.

Count on your chiropractor to use any tool or technique necessary to treat your injuries.  Call 512-352-1300 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Seivert of Atlas Natural Medicine if you need an auto injury chiropractor in Taylor, TX.

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