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  • Sean Seivert,
    Executive Director, Lead Chiropractor

    Throughout my life I have always wanted to help people.  At a young age, my life was changed with chiropractic care, and i started on a path way to learn as much as I could about  the human body and  how I could help others.  Then one day  while I was in Chiropractic school i discovered something that  thing  that I knew was what I needed to learn to help others.  

    After a fall I suffered from rock climbing and breaking my wrist I was introduced to Upper Cervical Chiropractic  Care which sounded so simple I almost could not believe it (at that time I actually didn't)! Anyways one  Specific Correction to the top bone of my neck (the Atlas) and I could not believe the changes that were happening - even after having received years of wellness chiropractic care.  At this point I knew i needed to focus my career in chiropractic on this procedure and getting it out to others. 

    After Graduating  I moved to Costa Rica and practiced down there for 7 years and was one of the lucky ones who helped  get chiropractic as an accepted profession in  Costa Rica.  I have traveled to Fiji, Australia and Africa hoping to provide this Simple procedure too many. 

    I have spent the last 15 years  here in Central Texas in Taylor Texas. Through the years I have perfected my  skills by getting certified by three different  Upper Cervical organizations and have learned multiple other soft tissue techniques and nutritional protocols to help multiple different types of conditions.   

    Through the years I have  worked with and significantly helped hundreds  of migraine and fibromyalgia  sufferers get their life back.  

    Come find out how we can help You!

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